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If you have chosen to wear a long veil trailing on the floor behind you (known as chapel or cathedral depending on the length) in addition to your shorter veils, you will need to learn how to maneuver in it before it’s removed for dancing. From the moment the hairdresser secures it on your head until you are no longer wearing it, you and no one else, will need to have total control over it. It would be a pity to finally walk down the aisle in a torn veil. To accomplish this you’ll have to turn down Cinderella’s little mice when they request that they carry it behind you. Each and every time you need to change locations – walking from the dressing room to the first photographs’ location or the second , walking into or from badekin to where you wait to walk down the aisle – someone you trust should gently lift it off the floor and fold it over your extended arm (the one you’re not using to carry your flowers). The only time that it’s fully extended behind you is during photographs and when you actually walk down the aisle. (Be sure that the hairdresser knows that you will be removing it.)

Secure Your Long Veil

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