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The bride, groom and families are so busy remembering all the things they need to bring to the wedding hall for the wedding itself, they often forget to bring the appropriate items they may need for leaving or after the wedding.

For example, the bride and groom will each need to pack a bag with all of the clothing that they need when they leave the wedding hall (unless they leave in their wedding clothes) and for returning to civilization the next day. Among the things they usually forget are: the groom’s \(brand new\) tallis & tefillin for the morning, his wallet with some cash and credit cards and something for the bride to cover her hair, if she is planning to do so. Also, unless they have a very special friend or relative who is kind enough to pack them a \”Breakfast Basket\” \(hint! hint!\) they should prepare one for themselves so that the bride and groom don’t starve the next day — wherever they may be.

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