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You’re probably already aware that your wedding gown is unlike any other piece of clothing you’ve ever worn. Likewise, the way you put it on and maneuver around in it is unlike the way you wear the rest of your wardrobe. Know this: Getting dressed on your wedding day is at least a two-person job. Here’s how to get started:

When getting dressed, the main goal is keep your gown clean. You’ll need to have a few things ready: a clean white sheet or tablecloth and your shoes. Your hair and make up have probably already been completed by this time so we recommend that you step into your gown. If your gown needs to be slipped over your head, be sure to have a scarf on hand to cover your face and hair; if your gown has a lot of buttons and/or no zipper at all, make sure you have a crochet hook to help your dresser pull the loops over them. You should already be wearing your underpinnings and your hosiery.

When it’s finally time to get dressed, place the sheet on the floor and set your shoes down on top of it. Then unzip or unbutton your gown all the way and position it over your shoes. Have your mother or an attendant hold the dress open and support you, as you slowly step into it one leg at a time, placing your feet in your shoes as you do. Have your dresser then zip or button the gown. Next comes your crinoline or petticoat, if you’re wearing one. Again, you’ll need help. Have your dresser hold up the skirt of your gown as you step into the crinoline. After it’s fastened, they’ll need to get down on the floor to make sure that every single layer of tulle is lying flat so that there are no surprise bubbles under your skirt. Take a long look in the mirror – and don’t forget your smile!

Be sure to keep a clean white towel on standby, as you’ll need it to cover the front of your dress when drinking or eating. But just in case – our next group of tips is about stains…

Dressing for the Big Day

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