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At Bridal Secrets many of our brides ask us if they should keep their veil on all evening. We encourage them to do so! Years ago, the veils were permanently attached to the accompanying headpiece; this is no longer true. The reason for this is that there are several new places to start the veil on the head. If the bride is wearing an updo, or even if only the front and sides of her hair has been styled away from her face, the veil can start behind that hair. The photographers love that, as the veil is not covering part of her face. However, she still has the option of starting the veil directly behind the headpiece.

The confusion stems from the fact that most of the bridal fashion magazines are showing gowns that are not only all strapless, but NONE of the models in wedding gowns are wearing a headpiece and veil AT ALL. This has naturally effected the girls that are looking at magazines, and ALL of the bridal boutiques across the country have registered their complaints to the designers. We’ll just have to stay tuned to the next few seasons to see if we have been heard.

But remember, if you opt to take off your veil, the bride often gets lost in the crowd during dancing. You can only see the women from waist up in a crowd, but when you see the veil you know you’ve spotted the bride. Remember dressing up as a kallah when you were little? You were wearing a nightgown and a veil – it’s the veil that gives you that ethereal look. And, if you’ve chosen ivory gowns for your bridal party , it’s the veil that differentiates the bride from all others at the wedding.

Wear Your Veil All Night Long

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