[But isn this ExtremeTech? Ed]As cars do more things

Fewer Control Modules Do More WorkThis is geeky, so feel free to skip down to the snow in Detroit photo.[But isn this ExtremeTech? Ed]As cars do more things electronically, the number of microprocessors is up around 100. Tier 1 suppliers, the big boys such as Visteon, Continental, Bosch, Magna, and Aptiv, are integrating lots of small modules into a couple of uber modules, or domain controllers: one for safety, one for infotainment, one for the engine room. That reduces the amount of wiring in the car.

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We might call the first an “executive order as a news release.” The order “providing assistance to renters and homeowners” is in this vein. Although White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed Monday that the president “extended the eviction protections” contained in the 2020 Cares Act, that is not the case. Recall that Trump declared such an emergency on March 13.

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Not content to drive one wedge, Trump also called for a fan boycott and suggested the league has gone soft, lamenting the fact that amid CTE concerns it has passed rules trying to protect players from head injuries. “Because you know today if you hit too hard 15 yards!” Trump said. “It’s hurting the game.” As opposed to hurting, you know, the cattle..

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